Incinerator not the greenest option for Barnstaple

1 February 2010

Local Green Party Cllr Ricky Knight, their Parliamentary Candidate for North Devon and lead SW Candidate for the European Elections next June stated that he was astonished and dismayed by the Council’s plans for a £40m Incinerator in Barnstaple.

Cllr Knight said “Incineration of rubbish will do nothing to encourage householders to reduce their domestic waste, to recycle and reuse and to compost. On the contrary, with the Council locked into a private contract over decades, it will be obliged to guarantee the regular delivery of large amounts of waste to keep the incinerator burning and risk having to pay compensation to the private operator if there is a shortfall.”

“A cleaner, greener solution would be a ‘Mechanical and Biological Treatment plant’ with Anaerobic Digestion, or even a Pyroliser or a Gasifier. Overall we need a strategy to achieve ‘zero waste’, systematically separating and recycling domestic and business waste, incentivising collection, returning all excess packaging to point of dispatch and enforcing ‘polluter pays’ legislation.”

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