Gaza - end the siege

28 July 2014

“Over two thousand years of Jewish displacement was most certainly not cured by the superimposition of the state of Israel upon Palestine in 1948 – quite the reverse. On a personal level, the indiscriminate and brutal murder of innocent women and children is too horrific to effectively comprehend. Politically, decades of ‘negotiation’, supposedly led by the best brains the world could offer, have got us precisely nowhere.

The sophisticated military hardware of a nation gorged on American dollars and underpinned by its nuclear arsenal renders this an archetypal biblical David and Goliath tragedy, fuelled not by slings and arrows but by the obscenity of government-subsidised arms’ trade. Calls for an immediate cease fire, more jaw-jaw, a two-state solution, sanctions & embargos, an end to Israeli settlements on Palestinian land and the bulldozing of Palestinian homes, the destruction of that wall – all echo round the wall, ignored by Israel and Hamas alike. Meanwhile, every attempt to ‘westernise’ the Middle East and secure the Black Gold supply lines, adds to the circle of violence and exacerbates the tinder box of the War on Terror christened by the USA after 9/11.

The Green Party is, I’m afraid, as ineffectual as every other political party in this country and around the world. It is a tragic ‘never-ending’ religious Armageddon, so seemingly unresolvable as to render us in turns horrified, distraught, furious – and impotent.”


Cllr Ricky Knight.

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for North Devon

North Devon Green Party – Membership

Convener: GPEW Conferences' Committee 

South West Representative on Regional Council (GPRC)

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