The Power to Transform the South West

1 May 2015

This last fortnight has been dominated by the release of our report The Power to Transform the South West, which has revealed the South West has the potential to meet 100% of its energy needs from renewables – and have some left over to export. Also in this edition tax, banking and GMOs.
Needless to say, this is the last e-news before what is shaping up to be a momentous general election!  

The Power to Transform the South West

Molly launched the renewable energy report on St George’s day, promising it would slay the nuclear and fossil fuel dragons! The study shows a renewable energy revolution in the region could create 122,000 jobs and add over £4bn a year to the South West economy. The report identifies the potential for renewables across the region as a whole and an analysis of the potential for each county.

Power to transform the South West

The report was released at At-Bristol by Molly, Andrew Clarke – who researched and wrote the report - and two Bristol Green Party candidates, Darren Hall and Tony Dyer.

See the full story of the launch and read the summary leaflet or the full report. Molly says:

The South West has the best renewable resources in Europe. We can give power back to the people in our region. What is broken in Britain is our political system. It is that above all else that stands in our way on the path to a renewable energy revolution, energy security and a prosperous green future.”

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