Deborah Harrington - TTIP, the NHS & Democracy - who holds the power?

1 November 2015

Thursday 12th November - Deborah Harrington - TTIP, the NHS & Democracy - who holds the power?

Are we at a cross-roads in our democracy? Since 2010 there have been unprecedented cuts to public funding of services and social support, an escalating housing crisis and a top down re-organisation of the NHS described by Sir David Nicholson, its CEO at the time, as ‘so big it could be seen from outer space’.

This talk and discussion will focus on the influence of major corporations on public policy making and what role that influence has played in the dismantling of the NHS. It will also look at changes at the international level as agreements like the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), currently being negotiated behind closed doors, are poised to bring an even greater role for the private sector into our public life with the potential to challenge the very basis of our democracy.

Lectures taking place at
The Castle Centre
The Strand
EX31 1DR

Entry is free and doors open 6.30pm

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