Robbie Mack - Parliamentary Candidate - Biography

29 October 2019


Robbie Mack Biography


Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for North Devon


I am from Barnstaple, the main market town of North Devon. I grew up in Forches Council Estate then Newport, where I went to Park School, the same school as both my parents and grandmother.


I lived and worked in London, and then Cardiff as a kitchen porter and chef. While there, I volunteered for homelessness projects and got involved in anti-austerity protests.


In 2016, I worked for a small non-profit organisation in Northern Greece feeding people fleeing the conflicts in Iraq and Syria. I was responsible for food provision to a small camp. Before leaving, I trained up some of the camp residents to take over and run the kitchen and shop.


I returned to North Devon, primarily to care for my grandparents after my granddad suffered a series of minor strokes. He is now being looked after by one of our excellent care homes, and I visit regularly.


I quickly became involved in political campaigning and community work in North Devon, including the work of the local Green Party.


I joined the Green Party because I believe they are the only party with the joined-up, rational solutions to the problems society faces today.


Other parties separate ‘the environment’ as a fringe issue to be solved independently, or even at the cost of, other priorities. They believe that working to increase quality of life necessarily goes against preserving our natural environment. The Green Party knows that the only solutions are holistic. Reducing our impact on the world’s climate goes hand-in-hand with solving the biggest problems of our daily lives. Simple solutions like retro-fitting insulation and investing in better public transport networks will decrease individual carbon emissions, and improve living standards.


No other party is advocating such well-connected policies.


The other great thing about the Green Party is that is a party of all people, regardless of wealth or social standing. Our representatives are from all walks of life.


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