Prospective Parliamentary Candidate For North Devon 


Robbie Mack


North Devon Green Party Contacts

Coordinator- Robbie Mack


Internal Comms/Secretary - Ricky Knight


Membership Officer- Ian Horsnell


Treasurer - Shona Davis


External Comms/Webmaster - Lou Goodger


Elections Officer - Neil Basil




North Devon District Councillors


Councillor Robbie Mack - Barnstaple Central


Councillor Netti Pearson - Ilfracombe West




North Devon Green Party Parish and Town Councillors


Councillor Robbie Mack - Barnstaple Town Council - Central Ward


Councillor Ricky Knight - Barnstaple Town Council - Newport Ward


Councillor Brad Bunyard- Braunton Parish Council - Braunton West Ward


Councillor Elizabeth Wood- Braunton Parish Council - Braunton East Ward


Councillor David Relph - Braunton Parish Countil - Braunton East Ward


Councillor Mike Harrison - Georgeham Parish Council - Georgeham Parish


Councillor Netti Pearson - Ilfracombe Town Council - Ilfracombe West Ward


Councillor Frank Pearson - Ilfracombe Town Council - Ilfracombe Central Ward


Councillor Mark Haworth-Booth - Swimbridge Parish Council - Swimbridge Parish


Councillor Ian Horsnell - George Nympton Parish Council - George Nympton Parish






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