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Green Party Announces Youngest Candidate for North Devon MP

The North Devon Green Party will be going into this year’s General Election with one of the youngest MP candidates in the country. Aged just 20, Cassius Lay (Cas), has been selected to stand for the North Devon constituency.

His first taste of politics was running for North Devon district council last May. Running on a ticket of Homes, Health and Hope he engaged young people and older voters alike with his fresh faced and positive approach.

Cas says, “A big part of my campaign for district council was about hope and particularly for young people who feel like they haven’t got any say in politics. But it’s not just people my age who feel like they’re not being represented.

I couldn’t believe how many people were supportive when I ran for council, of all ages. As I found out you don’t need to wear a suit, or to have gone to Eton to be a politician.

I’m going to use this general election campaign to talk about some of the big issues in North Devon, but I’m also hoping to just inspire people to get involved in politics. If we want real change, we need more fresh voices, new ideas and ways to work together.”

Cassius Lay - North Devon Green Party General Election Candidate

About Cas

To find out more about Cas please visit his dedicated General Election Campaign Website.

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Real Hope, Real Change.

Real Hope, Real Change

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