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Occupy LA Arrests

My Occupy LA Arrest

09 December 2011

My name is Patrick Meighan, and I’m a husband, a father, a writer on the Fox animated sitcom “Family Guy” - I was arrested at about 1 a.m. Wednesday morning with 291 other people at Occupy LA.

National Green Party response to the street riots

National Green Party response to the street riots

20 August 2011

Earlier in 2011, a spate of terrifying violence and disorder erupted onto our streets. Communities were terrorised, individuals attacked and city centres trashed.

NHS Reforms

11 June 2011

38 Degrees have done an inspiring job in galvanising support across the country to fight Lansley's 'reforms'

North Devon voters show support for Save the NHS Campaign

11 June 2011

North Devon voters show support for Save the NHS Campaign. Residents of North Devon met Nick Harvey MP at his constituency surgery

Business as Usual

05 June 2011

It's not so much 'all change at NDC', more a Machiavellian shuffling of the deck-chairs as the local 'Blue/Yellow' pendulum swings back the other way: now it's the LDs with smiles of satisfaction and the Conservatives with the grumps.

South West Greens celebrate local election wins

09 May 2011

Gus Hoyt managed to take Bristol City Council's Ashley ward for the Green Party with 43% of the vote and a huge 774 majority over the Liberal Democrat candidate.

Vote in May 2011

2011 Elections

12 April 2011

Fair is worth fighting for: The Green Party is the party of hope and radical change. Years and years of politics as usual have given us broken communities and remote services, financial chaos and environmental breakdown. But there is an alternative: a transforming green alternative.

Are we clear on nuclear?

17 March 2011

Following the recent tragic events in Japan, can we really afford to contemplate continuing the nuclear energy programme in Britain?

Greens endorse 38 Degrees campaign to keep the NHS public

14 March 2011

As anger builds across the country against healthcare reforms, The Green Party welcomes the campaign by 38 Degrees to "Save the NHS."

Nuclear power station plans criticised by pressure groups

14 March 2011

Campaigners call on India, China, Turkey, US and Indonesia to shelve proposals or raise safety standards

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