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The Green Party Youth Manifesto: Greens offer 'jilted generation' a 'message of hope'

13 May 2014

THE Green Party will launch the first ever youth manifesto from a major political party on Tuesday (13th May) ahead of the European Elections.

Vote Green for Europe


06 May 2014

Please support the Greens on May 22nd - the only REAL alternative. This page contains information and supporter tools. Every vote counts in this PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION vote

Caroline Lucas at Hinkley protest April 2014

West Country Greens at Hinkley Point

10 April 2014

Green members from across the South West were joined at Hinkley Point by Caroline Lucas

Molly Scott-Cato and Ricky Knight at Fullabrook

Molly Scott-Cato tour of North Devon

03 April 2014

Molly Scott-Cato, the lead candidate for the MEP elections on May 22nd visited North Devon for a mini tour of our area.

Green Plots

Green Plots!

07 March 2014

A new website to help with the European elections has been launched.

Natalie Bennett: Britain's breaking point

28 February 2014

The two main parties are increasingly divorced from reality. A big change is coming to British politics, says Natalie Bennett

Eradicating Ecocide

11 February 2014

A gauge of a good idea whose time has come is whether it spreads - like seeds caught in the wind, self-seeding as it goes. Ecocide is a law whose time has come

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Green Party offers electrifying vote for 16 year olds

23 January 2014

A ground-breaking Europe-wide e-democracy project enabling anyone over the age of 16 to vote is currently being conducted by the Green Party

Caroline Lucas and the 'Gagging Bill'

12 January 2014

The lobbying bill is indefensible – so don't defend it on my behalf - Coalition politicians have claimed this gagging bill is necessary to protect my seat, but it goes against everything I stand for

Renationalise the railways

Renationalise the railways!

02 January 2014

Green Party politicians including the leading candidates in the 2014 Euro elections staged rush-hour protests at railway stations up and down the country today (January 2) in support of rail travellers hit by yet another round of above-inflation rail fare increases.

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