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May 2nd - Vote Green for Devon County Council

Why vote Green in County Council elections, May 2nd?

04 April 2013

All local elections are affected by tribal loyalties, inertia, habit, tactics, national, European and international issues and they are mostly dismissed as an interim rejection by the electorate, to be corrected at the next General.

No bedroom tax

Green Party oppose the 'bedroom tax'

03 April 2013

The bedroom tax is part of welfare reforms that will cut the amount of benefit that people can get if they are considered to have a spare bedroom in their council or Housing Association home

No to Hinkley C

Green light for Hinkley is bad news

20 March 2013

Green light for Hinkley is bad news for the taxpayer and bad news for our energy future

Devon Green Party Launch County Election Manifesto

03 February 2013

Green Party members and prospective candidates from all over the County converged on Barnstaple to discuss and launch their manifesto for the County Council Elections on May 2nd

Natalie Bennett unveils our "Three Yeses" to Europe

25 January 2013

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett said today that the Green Party stood for "Three Yeses - yes to a referendum, yes to major EU reform and yes to staying in a reformed Europe".

Moreton Park Woods tree protest

Moreton Park Woods

15 January 2013

Greens and local protestors gather to try and stop the destruction of Moreton Park Woods

New Year message from Green Party leader Natalie Bennett

03 January 2013

The Roman God of the new year, Janus, had two faces looking opposite ways – he had to look back to the past and on in to the future. Any new year’s message surely has to do the same – so in looking forward to hopes and fears for 2013, we really have to start with 2012.

TUC March, October 20th 2012

22 October 2012

A good Green presence at the TUC's A Future that Works March

The Ethical Economy

12 October 2012

Stewart Wallis gave the people of North Devon an inspiring talk on New Economics

Green Party members hold hustings over West Coast rail franchise

Green Party members hold hustings over West Coast rail franchise

11 October 2012

Members of North Devon Green Party gathered at Barnstaple train station on Monday for a mock hustings and asked for the public's votes on how the West Coast Rail franchise, which was due to be handed over to First in December, should be run.

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