That’s what makes it all worthwhile

Willow Sculptor and long-time environment activist Woody Fox is no stranger to protests and sitting in trees and he says becoming a Parish Councillor won’t change that.

Woody became a Green Party Parish Councillor in his home Parish of Witheridge, because he felt it was the right thing to do


His first impressions… “It actually can often be really boring and I think the public will be surprised at how little power a Parish Council has, I was…

You actually have no power at all, well not in the big things

When they announced, they were going to build all these new houses in Witheridge, the Parish Councillors said, “No, there are no amenities, no extra shops, no bus service, the sewage and electricity supply can’t cope as it is, you seriously can’t build the houses here.

Did they listen? No and the Public think it’s our fault, but we speak out and no one listens."

The National Planning Framework is incredibly biased in favour of the Developers. Parish Councils can protest to the District Council, but if the District Council refuse planning permission, the developers just take legal action and throw all their vast resources of money into taking it to appeal with the Secretary of State, who grants permission anyway.

The Green Party have called for a Right Homes, Right Place, Right Price Charter which would deliver the homes people need and can afford to rent and buy, where people need them.

So, is Woody disillusioned with life as a Parish Councillor already?

"Well, no, because actually on a local level it’s really important to have that green voice in the room.

The Parish Councillors that have been there for years, they are good people, they do care, but I wonder if they become a bit blasé’ about things and get bogged down in budgets and how much things cost and so they sometimes need to be reminded that people, the environment and that tree up the road do really matter more than just balancing the books."

"If I can make any difference for the environment, inject some equality and better local people’s lives, then I will do so and that’s what makes it all worthwhile.

As for the tree, if they say we need to cut it down, I’ll be there saying, well you tell me when, because Councillor or not, you will still find me up that tree!"

What is a Parish Council?

Parish and Town councils are the tier of local government closest to the people.

What does a councillor do?

It is the ordinary day to day contact with local people in their own community that is the most important part of being a councillor

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