Humbled, excited and a bit daunted

My week since being elected

I’ve been really touched by how many people in Ilfracombe (both wards) have congratulated me on my appointment whilst I’ve been out and about. I’ve been told some people switched parties to vote for me and others went to the polls for the first time ever to tick the box against my name. I feel humbled, excited and a bit daunted.

what residents really want to see

It’s reassuring to know that we three Green councillors, who are all experienced at parish level but ‘newbies’ as district councillors, having joined with the 10 independent district councillors, can lean on their collective experience and become part of the second largest group in council. We’re all very different in this group but united in our desires to genuinely represent our communities and be committed in doing the leg work- this is what residents really want to see.

focus on a few areas and try to do them well

This first week has been packed with induction training, group photos, negotiation and meetings and I have come out the other side feeling optimistic and eager to get into the work. I’m now a member of Ilfracombe Harbour Board and the Policy committee, and  because there is so much housing need in Ilfracombe, I hope I can join the housing working group.
I’ve been advised by someone much wiser than me to focus on a few areas and try to do them well; these are my watchwords for this new season.
Councillor Sara Wilson


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