My prime focus for the next four years

My week since being elected

First, a big shock: the council offices at Brynsworthy Environmental Centre have no bike racks. I was extremely disappointed to find that they are virtually inaccessible by bike because of the narrow country lanes and fast moving traffic. And yet the NDC has a target of reaching carbon net zero by 2030. We need to keep our eyes on this - the big picture - as well as all the more immediate community issues we can help with.

Tree problem - resolved

There are plenty of these. No sooner was I inducted as a councillor at around 1230 on  Friday 12 May than I was involved in a tree problem which my new role helped resolve remarkably quickly. Similarly, the day long training in Licensing and Community Safety on 19 May turns out to be immediately relevant to another issue I have been asked to help with in my ward.

The NDC will be my prime focus for the next four years - I’m glad I have two great fellow Green councillors (plus two great former ones) to help me on the journey.



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