A higher tier of governance

My first week since being elected

'After too many years feeling irrelevant in a LD-dominated parish council, what a revelation to find myself in such a stimulating, high-powered environment with 12 other seriously savvy and 'on-side' Cllrs from across the spectrum: disillusioned LDs & Tories, genuine Indies plus Mark and Sara - alone no more! And then there are the professional employees, whose only wish is to help us, including a whole team of IT experts!

Lead for Climate and Biodiversity

So, essentially, I am relishing this move to a higher tier of governance and can only hope that I can rise to the occasion. I have been proudly anointed with the hallowed position as 'Lead for Climate and Biodiversity', having been refused any position of relative responsibility by the tribalists on Barnstaple Town Council for nearly 18 years. Did I mention they loan us an iPad? Yay!'


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